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Nexon Cash Generator - NX Credit Hack

Nexon Cash Generator - NX Credit Hack - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

How to get free Nexon Cash - NX Generator


Step 1 : First Go to and login to your account and click Get NX.Login to your account and clik Get NX


Step 2 : Then click the Reviev Purchase as shown in the below image.After click Get NX, please choose "Review purchases"


Step 3 : Now you can see that there is no NX Credit and Prepaid balance in my Nexon Account How you can see, there is no NX Credits in my Nexon Acccount Balance.

Step 4 : Open the Nexon NX Cash Generator (Download it form the Bottom of this post). Enter your account username and number of credits.Open Nexon Cash Card Generator 2014 in 2.0 version.


Step 5 : Click "Save your settings now!" and wait for done.Run after set NX Cash Card Generator 2014 in 2.0 version.


Step 6 : Refresh your site:Now you can see that NX Prepaid and NX Credit are successfully Hack & added to your Account!


Download Nexon Cash Generator:

 NX Points Adder v2.1.exe


Nexon Hacker Toolbox (Full Pack).7z

This program needs to work properly Net Framework version 2.0 or higher. If something is wrong, you can download the framework from the link below:



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